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Open for business 24 hours a day!

Open for business 24 hours a day!

Set a standard for the future with Platinum's optional iBook system, allowing customers to reserve appointments via the Internet. 

Try a fully working demo that will send you a reminder of your booking on your mobile phone and e-mail.

Try it now - Register your mobile and e-mail 
Try it now - Reserve an appointment

Customers have their own Internet login area to reserve appointments, making it more likely that they will book after hours when you are closed and unable to take a booking by phone or e-mail. 

Customers can make a reservation by choosing a day, time and employee. If it is free, reception receives an e-mail of their request, or optionally the booking can go straight into your electronic appointment book. 
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How does it help my customers?

Book at their convenience, anytime!

They know immediately if an appointment time is available after hours. 
They know when a favorite employee is working. 

No more repeating what they had done last time, they just select "Same as last time" - its very simple.
If customers only remember to book their appointment after hours, they are more likely to book with the one who can take bookings out of hours!

Try our demo site above, you need to register first and then sign-in and book away!

This is a real simulation of what you will get, you will receive an e-mail when you register, an e-mail when you reserve a date and time, and you will get a reminder via e-mail and mobile 1 day before the booking, you will also get a reminder to come back in 1 day later (for demo purposes), which is normally set to 6 weeks.

Finally, don't forget Glo! our mobile device system.

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